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Captain Samuel Speak of the Bombay Marines

A thousand miles south west from Calcutta , on the western side of the Indian continent in Bombay , in 1777 a Samuel Speak was enlisted into the Bombay Marines as a Volunteer Cadet . The Bombay Marine was the fighting navy of the East India Company in Asian waters as opposed to its mercantile navy. By 1830 it had been renamed the Indian Navy.

SAMUEL SPEAK was baptised in 1758 at Shrewsbury Shropshire.

One of his brothers was George Speake, a freeman of Shrewsbury and my direct ancestor.

The Bombay Marine, later renamed the Indian Navy 1857

By 1780 he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. He was recorded as serving on the "Bombay Grab". This reference has been found - "Ships built at Bombay are not only as strong, but as handsome, are as well finished as ships built in any part of Europe; the timber and plank, of which they are built, so far exceeds any in Europe for durability that it is usual for ships to last fifty or sixty years; as a proof of which I am informed, that the ship called the Bombay Grab, of twenty-four guns, (the second in size belonging to the Company's marine) has been built more than sixty years, and is now a good and strong ship."

Some time before 1788 he "married" an Indian lady Fatima, who was renamed Anna. A son Samuel Andrew was born apparently born in February 1788 but not baptised until 5 th April 1791 at St. Thomas Church of England in Bombay . At that time Samuel was described as Lieutenant.

In 1795 Captain Samuel Speak's twin daughters Julia and Anna Eliza were baptised at St. Thomas church in Bombay . They may have been born a few years earlier as Anna Eliza married Joseph Greenway in 1805 and would expect her to be aged 16 at least. i.e born ca 1790.

On 24 th April 1803, "Captain Samuel Speak H.C Marine Service" was buried at Bombay . (H.C. = Honourable Company i.e the East India Company). His Will, made in 1800 left his house and household furniture in Bombay , and three thousand rupees "to Anna a native of India formerly called Fatima and the mother of my children." The residue of his estate to be shared among his three children.

Anna appears to have gone back home to her home city of Calcutta with her three children, a wealthy woman. She died there, of Emambarry Lane and was buried at Fort William on November 11 th 1838 "aged 70 years". Samuel Andrew died in Calcutta on 19 th January 1825 and was also buried at Fort William in Calcutta "aged 36 years and 10 months".

Julia was married twice, firstly to John COVERDALE head of the Bengal Postal Dept. who died in 1815 and then to William EATWELL, having three children from the first marriage and four from the second.

Anna Eliza who married Joseph GREENWAY in 1805 had a daughter Julia who subsequently married her cousin William Coverdale Beaty EATWEL.

Some of this information, and the tree that follows are the work of Paul B. Edwards of Hawley Beach, Tasmania, with whom I had extensive correspondence in the 1990's. See his book "Of Yesteryears and Yesterdays" ISBN 0 646 19028 8. Privately printed 1994.

However, Edwards neglected to include the mention the two sisters of Samuel Speak who were left bequests in his Will. A tree showing Capt. Sam. Speak's brothers and sisters is shown here.


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