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The main source of information on Speake, Speak, Speaks, etc families in the USA is the Speak(e)(s) Family Association in the USA.:- Link to their website

Many of their members are descended from a single immigrant ancestor, Thomas Speake, wife Elizabeth Bowling, who died in 1681 in St. Mary's County, Maryland. However there was a possibility that a Thomas Speke son of Colonel Thomas Speke of Virginia was the same person as Thomas Speak in Maryland. It has now been established that they are not the same person, and that Thomas Speake of Maryland did not have any forebears in America. After much meticulous research, John S. Morris III wrote this article for the SFA Bulletin to set out the reasoning for this conclusion. His article is published here with his kind permission.

For background information on the resarch for the origins of Captain Thomas Speake go to this page of my website

Due to the SFA's pioneering DNA project, it has been shown that there are many other as yet unconnected Speake etc. family groups in the USA. Please join this project and advance our knowledge of Speake research ! At present all fees are paid by the SFA for volunteers. Link to their DNA project

The exciting latest development in the SFA DNA project is that descendants of Thomas Speak of St. Mary's has been linked back to a Speak family who lived in Lancashire at the same time.

Hogsheads of tobacco being loaded on a ship bound for England

This Speake Family History website focusses on the British Isles and emigrants from there

These emigrants found their way all over the world, and there are pages on this site giving more information to these main areas. (more)

All people with Shropshire origins have been allocated unique codes to identify them and also allow links in my Relational Database. (more)


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