This tree is compiled from the archive with information from Samuel Speak's Will, Parish Registers and a Deed at Shropshire Records transcribed below.

Shropshire Records D3651/D/5/443 21 January 1804

Between 1) Humphrey Speak of All Stretton, flaxdresser 2) George Speak of All Stretton, ropemaker, Thomas Wade of Shrewsbury, stonemason and Mary his wife, John Russell of Longford, yeoman and Sarah his wife

Humphrey Speak is the oldest brother & George, Mary and Sarah, younger brother and 2 of the sisters of Captain Samuel Speak late of Bombay deceased Whereas Samuel Speak by his will gave to each of his sisters £100 and after making his will he purchased a house and garden in Windsor Square near to the Free School in Shrewsbury at the price of £150 and whereas Samuel Speak by letter 10 June 1801 addressed to his sister the said Mary Wade, Windsor Sq. Shrewsbury says “Dear Sister, I think it very proper before I leave England to prevent any dispute with my executors in case of my death to beg your acceptance of the use of the house you now live in rent free for your life without paying any consideration except the taxes and keeping in good repair and should my sister Russell outlive you it is my intention to fulfil my promise to her made when she was in London that she shall possess it on the same terms for her life from the time of your death. I therefore advise you to convince my family and my executors of my desire to serve you by letting you live there rent free in the house for your life” And whereas certain questions have arisen between Humphrey Speak the heir at law of Samuel Speak and his sisters and their husbands with respect to the effect of such . Now therefore these presents witness that in order to avoid disputes and for the love and affection they bear each other Humphrey Speak and George Speak, Thomas Wade and Mary his wife, John Russell and Sarah his wife agree to and with each other that when Thomas Wade Mary his wife shall receive the said legacy or sum of £100 so given and bequeathed to Mary Wade by the will of Samuel Speak the same shall be applied to the purchase of the said messuage in Windsor Square referred to in the letter and Humphrey Speak agrees with Thomas and Mary Wade and John and Sarah Russell that for the consideration mentioned Humphrey Speak shall at the time convey the said messuage to the use of Thomas Wade and Mary his wife or to such other person or persons as they shall direct for the benefit of them and their family and it is agreed between the parties that the legacy of £100 is to be paid by Thomas and Mary Wade as the purchase for the said messuage shall be paid and divided in the proportions, £30 to Thomas & Mary Wade , £30 to George Speak whom he the said Humphrey Speak is desirous of providing for as his brother, the sum of £10 to John and Sarah Russell and the sum of £30 to Humphrey Speak. Humphrey Speak not to claim any rent up to Lady Day 1805.



(India Office Library)

In the goods of Samuel Speak late Captain in the Honourable Company's Marine Service in Bombay .

In the Name of God Amen

I Samuel Speake captain in the marine service of the Honourable United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies upon the Establishment of Bombay being at present in good health of body and possessing all my facilities of mind memory and judgement being conscious of the uncertainty of human life do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.

That is to say after the due payment of all just and lawful debts and funeral expenses I leave and bequeath the sum of one hundred pounds of lawful money of Great Britain to each of my sisters and in case any or either of them should happen to predecease me then the shares or shares arising to her or them shall fall and devolve to the survivor or survivors share and share alike.

I leave and bequeath to Anna a native of India now residing in Bombay formerly named Fatima the mother of my children hereinafter named the sum of three thousand rupees lawful money of Bombay and all my household furniture of whatever description and also decree that the said Anna shall have the use and possession of my house in Bombay in which I now reside during her life and as to all the rest residue and remainder of my estate and office real and personal I leave to my to my three children by the above named Anna whose name are Samuel Andrew, Anna Eliza and Julia share and share alike and to the survivors or survivor of them in case any or either of them shall predecease me.

And I hereby constitute and appoint Lieutenant Charles Keys, Captain Emanuel Margolly, Captain Jonde Gonsalves Richardson and Captain Thomas Turner all of the Marine Service aforesaid to be Executors of this my Will and guardians of my children.

I hereby revoke declare void all former and other Will or Wills by me at any other time made, declaring this to bed my last Will and Testament. In witness of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighth day of March in the year one thousand eight hundred.

Sam. Spea

Signed sealed and published and declared as and for the last Will and testament of the testator in the presence of us who at his request and desire and in his presence as wel as that of each other have hereunto set our names as witnesses.

Phenchas Hall

Ramdunder ………

Gonsalls Murgello


2 nd June 1803

The aforgoing Will of Samuel Speak was duly proved by the Court of the Recorder Bombay and probate thereof granted in usual form to Emanuel Margely and Charles Keys two of the executors there named reserving power to grant to Jonde Gonsalves Richardson and Thomas Turner the other executors therein named if they should come and pray the same they having taken the necessary oath in such case required.

Wm. Kennedy