Geroge Speake senior (QN2) was living with his wife and family in Birmingham at the time of the 1911 census. A search of the shipping passenger lists shows that George sailed from Liverpool to Quebec in 1919, and subsequenty in 1923 and 1929. Family legend states that each time he returned to England he tried to persuade his wife Margaret to go to Canada with him. But she refused, saying she could not face the voyage. It is said that even at the time of the first World War that she was living with an Albert Keane (a widower) in Birmingham with his children. So it is possible that George had been to Quebec much earlier than the first recorded voyage of 1919 (when he was 51 years old). It is not known when he finally returned to England but we know he died in 1952 in Abergavenny.

Many thanks to Tim Speake in Ontario for much of the above information. More research will be done on this family.